White Fillings in Hornchurch, Essex

Enhance the appearance of your smile at Harrow Dental Practice

Replace your old silver amalgam fillings with new white tooth coloured fillings. They are affordable, virtually undetectable and safe.

A new tooth coloured filling or an amalgam tooth filling replaces part of a tooth that has been chipped, broken or lost by decay. There are various types of fillings available and our dentists can advise you on the best option to protect your teeth as well as creating a better look when you smile.

Why should I change my silver fillings?

Amalgam tooth fillings have been used by dentists across the globe for many years because they are renowned for their strength and durability. Amalgam fillings are silver in colour as they contain a mix of liquid mercury and alloy. These mercury fillings are generally unsightly as they can be seen easily when a person laughs or smiles.

Composite dental fillings

A composite tooth filling (white filling or tooth coloured filling) is available in many shades which can match the natural colour of your teeth. The material used is a resin mix which is bonded to the fractured tooth just like an amalgam filling. It’s just as strong, affordable and can last for many years.

Do you have a chipped tooth?

The same composite resin material used in tooth coloured fillings can also help to repair and build up a chipped tooth. This will help to strengthen the tooth as well as enhance the shape and appearance of the tooth.

What should I do next?

Our dentists would be more than happy to carry out a dental check-up and assess your old silver fillings. If you would like to enhance your smile or if you are experiencing toothache, please contact a member of our team at Harrow Dental Practice and book an appointments with a dentist today.

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White Fillings in Hornchurch, Essex

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