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If you're looking for highly effective laser dentistry in Essex from a highly experienced team then our modern and highly rated clinic in Hornchurch can help.

At our Essex practice, we pride ourselves on our exceptional patient care. We see many nervous patients and those with dental phobias, and always do everything we can to help you feel calm and comfortable throughout your treatment with us.

That is why we offer Waterlase laser dentistry as one of our dental procedures at Harrow Dental in Hornchurch. This revolutionary technology uses a combination of light lasers and water sprays to carry out a wide range of treatments without the need for injections or drills – coming as a great relief to many patients.

How does laser dentistry work?

Our Waterlase technology uses a patented technology from BIOLASE – the world leader in dental lasers – and a process called HydroPhontics to provide gentle yet extremely effective treatment.

Conventional dental drills rely on removing large portions of the tooth using a spinning bur, which can be an uncomfortable process to go through. As the drill spins, it can potentially cause heat and pain, which is why anaesthetics are usually used for this procedure.

The Waterlase, on the other hand, is incredibly precise; removing only the areas of the tooth that need to be treated without causing damage to the rest of your tooth. That’s why our dentists often do not need anaesthetics for Waterlase treatment.

Using a combination of concentrated light energy, air and water, the Waterlase can perform a number of dental procedures on teeth, gums and bone safely. It does this by using the specialist laser to activate water molecules in the tooth without contact, effectively cutting through the enamel whilst keeping your tooth hydrated and virtually pain-free.

Laser dentistry enables our dentists to use less drills and anaesthetic to perform the treatment you need; meaning you’ll have a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience with us.

Benefits of Waterlase treatment

Waterlase laser dentistry technology allows for much less invasive procedures whilst yielding incredible results. The technique is also gentle enough that your dentist can also complete most of your treatments in a single visit; saving you time and the stress of making multiple appointments to fit in with your busy schedule.

The gentle nature of Waterlase often removes the need for anaesthetic to numb the area being treated, further cutting down your treatment times and making the procedure much less daunting for our more nervous patients.

And Waterlase laser dentistry isn’t just for teeth. The treatment is extremely versatile, meaning it can be used across a wide range of both hard and soft tissue procedures including decay removal, smile design, surgical procedures and more.

This incredible technology is highly effective in performing gum related treatments with little to no bleeding, pain or swelling post-op. With its gentle cutting action and coagulating abilities, Waterlase also promotes quick healing in your gum tissues following your treatment with us.

Laser dentistry at our Essex practice allows for more accurate and precise treatment; minimising damage to your teeth and gums and greatly reducing recovery times once the work is complete.

What can Waterlase laser dentistry be used for?

At Harrow Dental Practice in Hornchurch, we utilise this incredible surgical laser dentistry technology to make our treatments as quick and comfortable for our patients as possible.

This highly versatile tool has a wide range of clinical uses, including:

Laser removal of damaged soft tissue

Laser dentistry can be used to remove diseased, infected, inflamed and dead soft tissues within the gums and bones whilst promoting healthy healing.

Removal of hard tissue

Our surgical laser is used in the place of a traditional drill for procedures such as decay removal, cavity preparation before root canal treatment, and various other teeth and bone related surgeries.

Osteoplasty and Osteotomy

This is the effective removal of bone to correct various bone defects and to create physiological bone and teeth contours through laser dentistry.

Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty

Our Waterlase treatment can also be used for gum tissue contouring, improving the overall appearance of your teeth, gums and smile.

Treating periodontitis

Waterlase provides a thorough cleaning for gums infected by gum disease, whilst both protecting the underlying bone and even helping the affected bone to regenerate.

The Waterlase system can also be used for treatments such as:

Waterlase treatment at Harrow Dental Practice

Laser dentistry procedures at our Essex practice are carried out by our highly qualified and skilled dental team, so you know you’re in safe hands.

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