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If you need a highly experienced TMJ / bruxism pain treatment expert near you in Essex, our 5* rated Hornchurch dentists can help.

It is a great testament to the quality of our dentists reputation and experience that we continue to welcome TMJ patients from all parts of Essex to our Hornchurch clinic.

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Our TMJ dentists

Our TMJ team have over 35 years combined extensive dentistry experience and is led by our principal dentist, Dr Saleh Aria (GDC No. 75163).

With a special interest in TMJ treatment, Dr Aria has over 25 years dentistry experience and is a member of The Association of Dental Implantologists (ADI) and The British Dental Association (BDA).

TMJ treatment costs

In order to keep this treatment as affordable as possible, we ensure our prices are extremely competitive compared to other highly experienced TMJ dentists near us in Essex.

Our prices start from £400 but the exact price will be determined once we have carried out a full assessment of your condition.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction explained

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) is a term used when the muscles in the jaw become painful and result in restricted movement. TMJ is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

Any movement can also become noisy and if the symptoms persist, treatment can become harder to manage and the affected patients quality of life starts to decline.

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What causes TMJ

Overall, there is no one specific cause for TMJ; rather it is often a combination of several different factors that result in its onset.There are however a number of common TMJ causes such as excessive teeth grinding (bruxism), jaw injuries, genetics and stress.

In many cases, individuals who suffer from TMJ have experienced trauma to the jaw or surrounding muscles due to accidents or sports injuries.

TMJ symptoms

The impact of TMJ can be significant and far-reaching. Most of the noticeable TMJ symptoms include pain in the:

  • jaw
  • cheek
  • ear
  • temple area
  • neck
  • shoulders

It can also cause:

  • headaches and migraines can also develop if the symptoms are not treated early
  • difficulty chewing or speaking
  • clicking or popping sounds when opening and closing the mouth and even lockjaw

This condition can also affect one's emotional well-being by causing stress, anxiety, depression, social isolation due to difficulties with eating or speaking in public settings.

It is essential for individuals who experience these symptoms consistently over time seek professional medical attention from a dentist who specializes in treating jaw disorders promptly.

Early detection and treatment of TMJ are necessary to reduce associated risks such as dental problems including tooth loss if left untreated over an extended period.

Treatment for TMJ or TMJ relief

Our highly experienced TMJ dentist will carry out a full assessment of your condition and then determine the right course of treatment for you.

Our dentist will aim to understand your TMJ symptoms and the cause before any treatment advice is given.

Treatment options include:

  • medications like muscle relaxers and pain relievers
  • physical therapy exercises designed explicitly for facial muscles' strengthening around affected joints
  • in severe cases where other treatments have failed, surgery might be recommended.

What should I do if I experience jaw pain?

If you are experiencing jaw pain or you are grinding your teeth whilst you sleep, call us to book an appointment on 01708 479717.

Alternatively simply fill in the form on this page and we will call you back during surgery opening hours.

Our latest TMJ treatment review via Google Business

"I developed TMJ in March this year which was honestly the worst medical condition I have ever suffered with. The pain was unbearable, I couldn’t eat or sleep and it was having a huge impact on my life. I decided to see an expert and met with Dr Aria, who diagnosed TMJ and set out a treatment plan which was laser treatment.

I visited Dr Aria and team periodically for treatment and there was a dramatic improvement after just the first session and after completing treatment I now suffer from no pain.

I cannot thank Dr Aria and team enough - I have my life back!"

Jemma Cox

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