Snoring Solutions in Hornchurch, Essex

Continual snoring can cause poor sleep patterns

Most people snore occasionally but if you know you are snoring frequently, it can also affect your partner from having a good nights sleep or others in your family who can hear you. Continual snoring can cause poor sleep patterns which leads to daytime fatigue, irritability and increase the risk of health problems.

If snoring is affecting your sleep at night and your relationship, then our dentists can offer you a stop snoring solution which is a brilliant alternative option to the spare bedroom.

Anti-snoring devices

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) is an anti-snoring device which is placed inside the mouth. It holds the lower jaw and tongue forward making more space to breath which prevents snoring. If you are a ‘tongue base snorer’ then a Mandibular Advancement Device may be the right snoring solution for you.

How to stop snoring

There are several products available on the market and by visiting a dentist at our practice, we will be able to advise and help you select the most appropriate device for your needs.

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