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Custom-made mouth guards

Mouth guards are a specially made rubber protector to fit over your teeth providing a cushion against any impact. Mouth guards are important for sports enthusiasts who play close contact sports such as rugby, boxing, football, hockey and cricket.

Our dentists can make you a custom-made mouth guard to fit your mouth exactly which will protect your upper and lower teeth as well as your gums too. An effective mouth guard should be comfortable, durable and easy to clean.

Custom Made Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guards last for a considerable amount of time but like any sport equipment, they do suffer from wear and tear overtime. Adult mouth guards tend to last longer whereas teenagers whose teeth are still growing and moving will need to be checked regularly as their mouth guards may get tighter. Teenagers will then require a new sport mouth guard to be remade.

Our dentists offer a range of sports mouth guards with different thicknesses, depending on your sport. There are also an array of colours to suit your taste.

Teeth Grinding - Bruxism

Tooth grinding often occurs during sleep therefore most people are un-aware that they grind their teeth. The medical term for tooth grinding is bruxism and sometimes there are no signs of any symptoms but it can cause headaches and jaw pain. A dentist can detect this when visiting for a check-up as your teeth will show signs of wearing down.

Night Guards for Grinding Teeth

If you grind your teeth at night, a special mouth guard to cover the upper teeth can be custom-made to prevent further tooth damage. By creating a night mouth guard to fit your teeth perfectly, it will be comfortable enabling you to breathe easy and sleep well.

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Sports Guards & Night Guards in Hornchurch, Essex

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