Need a Dental Hygienist Near Me?

If you're looking for a highly experienced and friendly dental hygienist in Essex, our expert oral hygiene team in Hornchurch can help.

All of our dentists and our five dental hygienists have over 83 years of combined experience and are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). We are also monitored and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so you can rest assured you're in the best hands with our team.

Dental hygienist appointment costs

With prices starting from £70, we ensure our private dental hygiene treatment prices are extremely competitive compared to other highly experienced dental hygienists near us.

Hygiene Treatment Cost
Hygienist (30 mins) £70
Hygienist (60 mins) £140
Hygienist AirFlow (30 mins) £90
Direct Access Hygiene (45 mins) £95
Direct Access Hygiene (60 mins) £170
Deep Periodontal Treatment (60 mins) per session £200
Saturday Appointments:
Hygienist (30 mins) £80
Hygienist (60 mins) £160
Direct Access (45 mins) £105

Call our friendly reception team on 01708 479717 to book your appointment.

Our latest dental hygienist reviews via Google Business

Dental Hygienist Reviewed by frank on "Wonderful experience at Harrow Dental Practice. Visited Lisa Inwood for a hygienist appointment today.
Best visit ever! She was extremely professional and very kind as I am a very nervous patient. Lisa took her time and constantly checked on me as she carried out a much needed clean. Thank you very much Lisa. Regards Robin."
Rating: 5

teeth cleaning near me review in Hornchuch
Frank (Sept 2023)

Dental Hygienist Reviewed by ellen verity on "Had my Hygienist appt with Deborah on the 26 July, always a great visit, she is so kind and very good at what she does, I have recommended her to lots of people. I actually enjoy my visits to see her (never thought I would say that ! )

Thank you to all at the Harrow practice. Keep up the good work."
Rating: 5

Ellen Verity (Aug 2023)

Dental Hygienist Reviewed by laura morris on "Had a great service today at Harrow Dental Practice. Lisa is amazing and would recommend to everyone when you need a hygienist!" Rating: 5

Dental Hygienist Reviewed by Hayley Adams on "Lisa is absolutely amazing. My teeth have never felt cleaner and it is pain free for the first time. Best hygienist I’ve ever had :)" Rating: 5

dental hygienist Essex patient review

Dental Hygienist Reviewed by Hayley Adams on "Lisa the hygienist is an absolute credit to the practice, she is a wonderful person, I suffer extreme anxiety and she has been amazing with me when I have seen her" Rating: 5

Dental Hygienist Reviewed by Fiona McLoughlin on "I had a scale & polish with hygienist Lisa and she was fab, provided further dental recommendations. Made me feel relaxed and welcomed. Highly recommend her & the harrow team.." Rating: 5

private dental hygienist near me patient review

Dental Hygienist Reviewed by Fiona McLoughlin on "I visit Lisa the hygienist every 6 months and she is the best! Very caring and friendly, she makes me feel at ease every time. Professional service throughout. Thank you so much.." Rating: 5

hygienist appointment near me patient review

Dental Hygienist Reviewed by Kevin Watkinson on "Had an appointment with Lisa today. I can only say what a lovely kind understanding sympathetic lady. You must be proud to have her as part of your team.; It was the best Hygienist appointment that I have ever had having previously had appointments with other people.

Lisa was able to advise me on technics that were helpful to me and made me feel at ease. It seems strange to say but I look forward to the next appointment."
Rating: 5

Dental Hygienist Reviewed by Fiona McLoughlin on "My friend recommended and she was not wrong. Lisa was lovely, welcoming and gave excellent advise. Lisa explained where i was with my status, what I could do better and demonstrated better brushing techniques. I noticed that the Principal Dentist also followed same covid rules as patients.

They seem to have this pandemic patient safety process down to a fine art. I did notice that they appear to be keeping up with current/latest dentistry methods and offer a good range of services for all.

Would highly recommend."
Rating: 5

Prevent gum disease and tooth decay

Practicing good oral hygiene is key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. At Harrow Dental Practice our NHS and private dental hygienists can help patients to prevent gum disease and tooth decay so that you can avoid future dental problems.

With regular oral hygiene visits to our dental practice, our dental hygienists will remove the build-up of plaque and tartar from your teeth and also show you the best ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

We may also provide dietary advice to help you minimise the development of dental decay such as limiting sugary drinks and foods.

Our expert dental hygienists and direct access appointments

You can now book hygiene appointments directly with one of our five dental hygienists, without a referral or recommendation from your dentist.

Benefit from the expertise of our highly skilled and experienced dental hygienists:

They both thoroughly enjoy their roles as a caring professionals, specialising in nervous patients and never forgetting that comforting smile.

Essential advice on why good dental hygiene is so important

Dental hygiene is a key element of good oral health, improved access to dental hygienists should help to improve standards of oral health, reducing the risk of hygiene-related diseases such as decay and gum disease.

By seeing one of our dental hygienists and following their treatment and advice patients will benefit from:

With Airflow cleaning technology you can get even better results without any discomfort or need for special brushes or other cleaning tools. Proper oral hygiene is key to keeping your mouth healthy and feeling great!

What is gum disease?

Poor oral hygiene and failure to visit a dental hygienists regularly can result in developing gum disease. This is when bacteria in the mouth settles in pockets around the tooth just above the gum line.

Once it hardens into plaque it becomes difficult to remove. If the plaque is not removed the disease (Gingivitis) will steadily worsen developing into a more serious form of gum disease called Periodontitis.

This can result in the loss of a tooth. Read more about gum disease (Gingivitis) here.

How do I prevent bad breath?

This is known as halitosis and our dental hygienists can advise patients how to prevent bad breath and explain how and why bad breath occurs.

By flossing your teeth at least once a day and tooth brushing at least twice a day will help to remove the build up of food deposits in between your teeth and achieve fresh breath.

Scale and polish explained

Scale and polish treatment is a quick and easy procedure that your dental hygienist can do to improve the health of your teeth and gums.

It involves:

1) using special tools to scrape away any plaque or tartar buildup

2) polishing the teeth with a special powder to make them smooth and give them a brighter appearance.

The scale and polish treatment is a key part of keeping your mouth healthy.

As part of a good routine, we recommend our patients visit our dental hygienists at least every six months for a scale and polish. We will also check your general oral hygiene to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

Our dental hygienists are trained and qualified to spot any problems and to provide the best treatment and advice.

Call 01708 479717 and speak to a member of our dental team or fill in the form on this page to request a hygienist appointment.

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