Root Canal Treatment in Hornchurch, Essex

Cleaning the roots of severely decayed or fractured teeth

Root canal treatment or root canal therapy is a specialist dental procedure which involves removing bacteria inside a severely decayed or fractured tooth and cleaning out its roots.

Every tooth contains a soft tissue inside known as pulp. Nerve and blood vessels inside the pulp travel all the way down to the root and if a tooth is severely decayed or fractured, then bacteria can enter inside the tooth and infect the soft tissue. The affected tooth then becomes inflamed and causes tremendous pain through the nerves.

At Harrow Dental Practice, root canal treatment is performed by our highly skilled Endodontist who will eliminate and prevent disease reoccurring whilst also thoroughly cleaning the root canals inside the tooth.

How long does root canal treatment take?

Every case we see is different and some can be very complex. Most surgical root canal treatments can take between one and two hours and patients often have to return for a second visit.

The root canal treatment procedure

The root canal treatment begins with a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the affected tooth. Our specialist Endodontist will then remove the bacteria by thoroughly cleaning out the root canals and then disinfect and seal the tooth to prevent any bacteria from re-entering. The tooth will be sensitive for approximately 12 hours after treatment but our Endodontist may recommend taking pain killers to relieve the pain. After carrying out a treatment such as root canal therapy the original strength of the tooth naturally becomes weaker and may be prone to fracturing more easily. Our Endodontist may recommend that the tooth is restored properly by a new dental crown.

Root Canal Process

What if I don't have the root canal treatment?

Once the pulp is destroyed, it can't heal and it is not recommended to leave an infected tooth in the mouth. The only other option is to have the tooth extracted but it is usually best to keep as many natural teeth in the mouth as possible.

What should I do next?

If you are experiencing a swelling around a tooth, in severe pain or you are looking for a root canal specialist, please contact a member of our team at Harrow Dental Practice immediately.

Call 01708 479717 or fill in the form on this page and we will call you back during surgery opening hours.

Root Canal Treatment in Hornchurch, Essex

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