Tooth Extraction in Hornchurch, Essex

One speciality within dentistry is known as oral surgery.

This allows dentists who are qualified in this area to carry out the extraction of teeth or wisdom teeth. Oral surgery requires additional training in order for dentists to perform techniques and procedures with the right kind of surgical care.

Tooth Decay and Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Dental patients with advanced tooth decay or an impacted wisdom tooth which requires safe extraction will be given a local anaesthetic or offered sedation if they are anxious. By providing minor oral surgery at our dental practice, we can treat patients without them having to be referred to the nearest hospital. Our dental practice is equipped with the necessary surgical and recovery facilities and we can offer appointments without delay.

Immediately after surgical tooth extractions, patients usually experience light swelling and discomfort which can be eased away with normal painkillers.

Dental Sedation

Most oral surgery procedures are carried out under local anesthetic. This involves a small injection into the gum to numb the area being treated. With a local anesthetic the patient will remain awake throughout the surgical procedure. If a patient is particularly anxious we can offer them inhalation sedation which a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen passed through a nasal mask or an IV sedation passed through the back of the hand.

To book your Oral Surgery appointment

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Oral Surgery in Hornchurch, Essex

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