How long does it take Invisalign to work

Invisalign begins to work immediately, as soon as you wear your first aligner Invisalign is working, you won’t however be able to see any tooth movement happening. Invisalign puts continuous pressure on your teeth to move them in the desired direction, it is only with time that this movement becomes apparent… So the actual question is:

How long will it take to see results from Invisalign?

You should begin to notice very supple tooth movement after about 4 weeks of wearing your Invisalign aligners. One of the problems with noticing this is that the movement happen so slowly that you may think your teeth are not moving. We can assure you that if you wear your aligners for the recommended 22 hours per day then the required amount of tooth movement is taking place.

How long will it take to see the final result from Invisalign?

The final result from Invisalign can be seen once you have finished the full course of a line therapy. At the beginning of treatment you will be told how long this is likely to be but it is typically in the region of 6 months to 1 year, depending upon the severity of your malocclusion, or what you want to achieve.

How will I know how long treatment will take?

At the beginning of any Invisalign treatment your orthodontist will undertake a Clincheck®. This is a digitised scan of your teeth, the digitised scan is manipulated in software to show the final result. Once the software knows how far each tooth has to move it can calculate the number of aligners required, this then dictates the amount of time the whole treatment takes. A typical treatment takes upwards of 26 aligners, you will be given a written treatment plan at the beginning of any treatment so that you know exactly how long treatment would take.

Can you eat with Invisalign in your mouth

No. In order to eat you will need to remove the Invisalign aligner. Once you have finished eating or drinking anything other than water you should clean your teeth and immediately put your aligner back in.

Invisalign aligners are made from a clear plastic which sits over the top of your teeth. If you try to eat sticky food such as pizza you may find that it can pull the aligner out, you could then bite down on it and break it.

Similarly, eating foods which are extremely crunchy or have a very hard texture, such as chicken on the bone can break the aligner if you bite down on that hard substance.

As well as risking breaking the aligner, you could also do damage to your teeth if you eat with the aligner in. This is because small amount of food may creep underneath the aligner and then be held in place against your teeth.

This will give the acid excreting bacteria in your mouth something to live off, as they digest the food hey give off acid which can attack your teeth and cause tooth decay, therefore if you leave the aligner in and don’t clean your teeth after eating you increase the chances of dental disease and decay.

What can you drink whilst wearing Invisalign?

We recommend only drinking water whilst wearing Invisalign. The problem drinking anything else is that if any of the liquid gets underneath the aligner then it can be held in contact with your teeth which can lead to dental decay. To have no risk of this happening we recommend drinking water only.

Can I chew gum whilst wearing Invisalign?

No. You may find that chewing gum whilst wearing Invisalign can pull the aligner is out, this could result in breaking the aligner. Not all gum is sugarfree, so having this sugary gum in your mouth could also lead to dental decay as the aligner may keep this sugar in contact with your teeth for longer.

Can I smoke whilst wearing Invisalign?

Whilst theoretically possible to smoke whilst wearing Invisalign it is not recommended. Invisalign is made from a material which is sensitive to heat, smoking could therefore damage the aligner. Smoking will also discolour the aligner making it very obvious that you are wearing an orthodontic appliance.

How many hours a day do you need to wear Invisalign

You should ideally wear Invisalign for at least 22 hours per day, removing the aligners only to clean them and eat. Try to wear your aligner is first close to 24 hours a day as possible.

What happens if I don’t wear my aligners enough?

If you don’t wear your aligner is all the prescribed amount of time each day then treatment time will increase and your Invisalign result won’t happen as fast as you may have originally thought.

Can I take my Invisalign aligners out during the day?

Yes, you’re aligners Are designed to be removed for cleaning and eating. If you take them out to eat always remember to wait 20 min, then brush your teeth and put your aligners back in as soon as possible.

Are the Invisalign aligners difficult to take in and out?

Some people find they get a little frustrated in the first 24 hours of wearing each new aligner. This is because it will be tight and actively putting pressure on the teeth in the correct direction, to remove the aligner simply put your fingernails around the edge and pull gently, the aligner should snap out quite easily.

I only want to wear Invisalign at night, will this work?

If you’re thinking that you would only like to wear Invisalign at night then it may not be the system for you. You do need to commit to wearing your aligner is for as close to 24 hours per day as possible.

You will however find that Invisalign is so see-through and transparent that it is barely noticeable whilst you are wearing it, you should therefore be able to wear Invisalign throughout the day without any problem at all.

Do you wear Invisalign whilst asleep

Yes. Invisalign is designed to be worn for 22 hours each day.

When you decide to go with any orthodontic system, Invisalign included, you need to be aware of what is required of you. If you can wear your Invisalign braces for us close to 24 hours per day as possible then you will see the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Is Invisalign uncomfortable to wear at night?

No. Invisalign is made from an extremely thin almost completely see-through acrylic resin. The Invisalign aligner fits very precisely over your teeth but the outer surface is extremely smooth. This makes it very comfortable to wear as you will barely even notice it is in place.

Could I swallow Invisalign at night?

No. Invisalign covers all of your teeth and is therefore reasonable size, it is not possible to swallow the Invisalign aligner at night. The aligner will also fit very tightly over your teeth needing a definite pull to remove it each day. This means the aligner will be fixed in tightly and not able to come out on its own at night.

Can I just wear Invisalign at night and not in the day?

No. If you only did this then you would be wearing your Invisalign aligner is for probably a maximum of eight hours per day. Invisalign is designed to be worn for at least 22 hours per day and is also designed to be barely noticeable whilst being worn.

This design makes it the perfect orthodontic brace to be well worn by people with busy lives and who don’t want others to know they are having orthodontic brace treatment.

How long does it take to get straight teeth with Invisalign?

Treatment with Invisalign will take a different amount of time for each person depending upon the amount of tooth movement and the severity of any malocclusion prior to treatment. Treatment times are usually in the region of 1 -2 years.

What things impact the treatment time with Invisalign?

The following factors can impact Invisalign treatment time:

  1. If you just need the cosmetic six front teeth moved treatment is quicker, if you need more tooth movement then treatment take longer.
  2. The complexity of tooth movement. Rotating or tipping teeth can be done quite quickly, but if teeth need to be moved bodily then this can take longer.
  3. Your dental health. If your dental health is not in good enough condition before treatment then this would need to be looked at prior to beginning orthodontics. This is because orthodontic treatments should only be undertaken on healthy teeth and gums.
  4. The length of time you wear your aligner for each day. You should ideally wear your aligner for 20 hours each day, taking it out only to clean and eat. If you’re retainer remained out of your mouth for much longer than this each day then it will take longer to achieve the desired result.

How will I know how long treatment will take with Invisalign?

Before each Invisalign treatment begins your Invisalign dentist will plan treatment in detail. Your overall treatment plan will be modelled on a computer program, this computer program will calculate the number of aligners required.

Each aligner is worn for about 2 weeks, so it’s quite easy to calculate the length of treatment prior to beginning.

This calculation will be shown in a video simulation of your tooth movement known as a Clincheck®.

Does treatment ever take longer than expected?

Yes, sometimes treatment can take a little longer than initially planned. Your dentist will review the treatment with you regularly. Normally only 4 sets of aligners are made at the beginning, you will then have a review which will determine how many additional aligner is need to be made. Any adjustments to the treatment plan can then be factored in.

This doesn’t happen very often but it is worth knowing that treatment can sometimes take longer than initially planned for a variety of unforeseen reasons.