Dental Implants in Hornchurch, Essex

The ideal solution for your missing teeth

A dental implant may be the ideal solution for you if you have one or more missing teeth. They are strong, last a long time and are virtually non-detectable as they can be made to match the colour and shade of the rest of your smile.

Our experienced dentists at Harrow Dental Practice in Hornchurch have been successfully placing and restoring dental implants for many years. The dental implant procedure requires great expertise and skill but there are huge benefits for the patient. A dental implant will help boost a patient’s general well-being enabling them to talk, eat and smile with confidence.

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What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium cylinder that is placed gently into the bone to replace the root of a tooth. The complete dental implant treatment requires three main parts:

  • The dental implant – titanium screw fitted into the jaw bone.
  • The abutment – attached to the dental implant to support the dental crown.
  • The tooth – a custom-made dental crown, bridge or denture.
Dental Implants

The Procedure of a Dental Implant

  • Stage 1 – An initial consultation which requires a diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Stage 2 – Surgical procedure which involves the tooth to be extracted, the dental implant and abutment to be placed, and then a temporary tooth to be fixed on top.
  • Stage 3 – This is the healing stage of 8-10 weeks for the dental implant to bed into the jaw bone.
  • Stage 4 – Impressions to be taken to create a permanent dental crown.
  • Stage 5 – The fitting of the dental crown.

After fitting the dental implant, we advise visiting the dentist regularly so that we can show you how to look after your new dental crown and to ensure the dental implant is firmly in place. Regular visits to the dental hygienist will also be recommended.

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Case Study

Before Orthodontics and Implants at Harrow Dental Practice

Before Orthodontic Appliance & Dental Implants

After Orthodontics and Implants at Harrow Dental Practice

After Orthodontic Appliance & Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Hornchurch, Essex

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The advantages of Dental Implants

Dental Implants function just like real teeth. The structure us just like a natural tooth consisting of a root (the titanium screw – the implant) placed into the jaw bone with an artificial tooth placed on top which makes it very functional and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike dentures or dental bridges which can be unstable and noticeable, dental implants can be made to look very natural and provide the same chewing force as a real tooth. There is no need to remove a dental implant as you would a denture. The implant itself can be permanent (providing it is cared for correctly) but the artificial tooth on top needs to be cared for like any other real tooth and may need replacing if chipped or broken.

How much are Dental Implants?

Dental implants tend to be more expensive than alternative treatments. Especially if you require multiple implants, this could be a major investment. For a guide to prices please click here.

When compared to other options (dentures or bridges) that would need to be replaced several times over a lifetime, dental implants are more cost effective in the long run. Having dental bridges requires partially destroying teeth either side as they are used as anchors for the bridge, whereas dental implants support themselves. Dentures over time can damage the teeth either side because of repeatedly taking it in and out, so dental implants would solve this problem.

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