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A tooth-shaped cap placed over a damaged tooth

If you're looking for stunning, long lasting and affordable dental crowns and bridges in Essex from a highly experienced dentist, our modern and highly rated clinic in Hornchurch can help.

Our highly skilled dental crowns and bridges team is expertly led by our principal dentist Dr Aria (GDC Number: 75163) who has over 20 years extensive dentistry experience.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a damaged tooth. Dental crowns are made from a ceramic material which help to create a natural look to match the rest of your teeth.

The material used for dental crowns is also very strong so it can function effectively for many years.

Why do I need a dental crown?

Teeth can sometimes fracture or become chipped through trauma, or become severely damaged by tooth decay. A dental crown can restore a tooth’s shape and function without having to under go a tooth extraction.

What are dental bridges?

A dental bridge can replace a missing tooth by 'bridging the gap' between the adjacent teeth which uses them as a support.

Dental bridges are made of the same material as dental crowns and once in place, it will enable you to enjoy eating and chewing as normal. Dental bridges are a cheaper alternative to dental implants for replacing a missing tooth.

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What is the treatment procedure?

Before a dental crown can be made, the affected tooth will require preparation. Your dentist first reduces the tooth in size and then an impression will be made in order to create the perfect dental crown.

For a great aesthetic look the dental crown will be made using a very hard ceramic substance. This is a ceramic material which will match the natural shade of your other teeth.

Finally the crown is then bonded into place with a special adhesive. This whole proses take approximately two visits to the dentist.

The process is similar with a dental bridge. The adjacent teeth each side of the gap are prepared before the bridge is made and affixed into place. Your dentist may bond a temporary solution between your treatment appointments.

Our latest dental crowns and bridge reviews via Google Business

"I have recently had a bridge made for my two front teeth by Navdeep, the professional & caring treatment I received was second to none. I am so pleased with the finished result. You would never notice it was not my own teeth at all. The Nurse attending Elona was also very caring and attentive. thank you so much."

Susan Patten (June 2022)

I had a wonderful experience at Harrow Dental Practice. My front tooth/crown was chipped and I was offered an appointment with Dr.Vikas Agarwal and Cornelia the lovely nurse. I was greeted with respect and professionalism.

After a thorough assessment, the treatment option was explained to me in detail. It was more complex than what I had first thought as the crown was part of a bridge. After some deliberations and although it was a daunting challenge I agreed to proceed with the treatment advised.

Throughout the procedure and the subsequent appointment as I had to return to complete treatment, I was made to feel comfortable by the friendly competence of both Vikas and Cornelia.

I was very pleased with the result and would definitely recommend Harrow Dental Practice to others, in fact I have already done so to someone who has made contact with the practice. Thank You from Pearl James "

Pearl James (May 2022)

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